eXtension Concepts

Creating Visual Impact at Events

Custom manufacturing of signage, decor & displays

A concept based on stretchable textiles with infinite possibilities, Site 6 Events provides custom-manufactured exhibits, displays and décor through its partnership with eXtension Concepts. All products are made in Canada, providing you with the highest level of quality and innovative solutions for your tradeshow, exhibit, event decor or signage needs.

The Benefits

Tension fabric offers unique and diverse possibilities. The flexibility of fabric goes well with the creative process, making it possible to realize many concepts difficult to realize with traditional materials. The ultra-portable structures are light and take up less space than any other system in the market.

Products & Services

Tradeshow booths
Displays & signage
Exhibition equipment
Projection screens
3D shapes
HD sublimation printing
Graphic design assistance


We offer a wide range of products dedicated to the exhibition and signage category. For single or multiple use, flat or with depth, suspended or free- standing, you have a wide choice of standard or custom designs.

Event Decor

A successful event stands out by being innovative, prestigious and dynamic. Our team is here to help you create effects that your guests will remember. We put our creativity and expertise at your service to offer new creative approaches.


Beyond pure functionality, set design gives the scene its aesthetic and poetic value. We offer custom stage design and set pieces to personalize your event.

Architecture & Interior Design

With its unique qualities, tension fabric products offer architects and interior designers various creative possibilities to bring visions to life. Textures, 3D shapes, various finish options, surfaces for light diffusion, graphic or photo printing and multiple colour options limits only your imagination.

Tradeshow Booth & Display

Our textile structures and original designs allow us to create unique booths that stand out from the crowd. In addition to eye-catching shapes, our products are light-weight and compact and therefore easy to transport from show to show.

Museum Exhibits

The characteristics of our printable textiles combined with the potential of very light-weight aluminum structures offer a wide range of options for creating original exhibit spaces.

Projection Screens

Tension fabric screens can be used as projection screens or as part of the event décor. They are particularly well adapted to unconventional sizes and shapes. Rectangular, panoramic, round, oval, flat or with depth, call us and we can make them according to your needs.