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Site 6 Events produced the media launch and unveiling of Siege of Dragonspear for Beamdog, a prominent Edmonton game developer, at the Art Gallery of Alberta on July 9th of 2015. Code-named Adventure Y, the game resurrects the 18-year-old video game franchise “Baldur’s Gate” which has a loyal and dedicated world-wide fan base.

With only 5 weeks to plan and execute the media strategy and this much-anticipated event, we chose the Ledcor Theatre and Foyer as the perfect location for the launch. The event commenced with a countdown welcome reception, emerging guests inside a true Baldur’s Gate environment. Guests then walked through the Baldur’s “Gate” and filed the theatre where a wow-factor lighting and audio show created an epic build-up to the reveal of the official game trailer, generating an unforgettable audience hype!

After the trailer and formal presentations from the President and the Lead Designer of Beamdog, we coordinated a press conference inside the theatre while guests enjoyed the party in the foyer where we now revealed the Dragonspear emblem and a giant custom-built special edition Dragonspear book referred to as “The Box”. We also activated the kiosk demo stations, each hosted by a Beamdog team member, giving everyone a chance to try out the new game. Meanwhile, individual media interviews were conducted and the Beamdog team answered live twitch and tweet questions in the theatre to include the fans across the globe.

Upon conclusion of the event, guests received an exclusive gift bag with Dragonspear T-shirt, team reward coin, game voucher, and food truck coupon. Moose on the Run was parked outside the gallery where guests gathered and enjoyed a late evening snack prior to departure. We then transported a group of 35 VIP guests and media representatives via a privately rented city bus to the Cactus Club in downtown Edmonton to conclude the event with a fun after-party celebrating this major accomplishment for the Beamdog team. We are excited for Beamdog as they currently have received over 150,000 views on their game trailer, 1000s of views on the event recorded live presentation and Q&A sessions, lots of buzz on twitter as well as a tremendous amount of media coverage.

We thank Beamdog for the amazing teamwork and congratulate them on this milestone. Adventure Y was definitely an adventure and the Dragonspear coin shall hold a special place in the Site 6 office!

More information on“Baldur’s Gate – Siege of Dragonspear” visit:

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Not sure if you should change up your annual event? We often hear from clients that they are not getting the attendance they used to, or are not meeting their fundraising goals, yet they are hesitant of change for fear that guests may not receive it well. “I don’t know if people will like it”, “This has worked in the past” or “It’s what our guests expect” are often comments we hear.

The meeting and events industry is defined by an ever-changing landscape and although changing up your events may be a scary thing, annual events run into a risk of becoming stagnant and losing their impact if change isn’t introduced.

Whether you want to activate a completely new event format, or just tweak it a little, here are some suggestions for introducing change to your events, keeping them fresh, new and exciting:

Entertainment – Don’t be afraid to try a new entertainment style, a different DJ, live band or emcee. Sometimes one small change in entertainment can create a huge impact on the guest experience.

Program format – We all know that speeches are essential at events, whether it’s a keynote speaker or the boss giving a holiday message, but placing them in the right section of the program is key. Break up your program and keep speeches short for longer audience attention spans.

Creative fundraising – Silent auctions not bringing in the same amount of money they used to? Maybe it’s time for a brainstorm session with your event planning team to discover more unique ways of raising money.

Look and Feel – “Winter Wonderland” is a safe theme for a holiday gathering, but how can it be used in a way that creates an environment like no other event in the past? Analyze your guest demographics and company culture and find new ways to make “old” themes more interesting and unique.

Engagement – Set up game stations, a live twitter feed or incorporate interactive activities that get people talking, laughing and sharing memories.

Events were once a method of keeping an audience to themselves in an enclosed space, but we have moved on from that way of thinking. Events are becoming more like a creative device where interaction is key. As your event producers, we always look at past events and analyze what worked, what didn’t and how we can make the next event more outstanding.

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