Meet Angela “Want Bling? I’m your girl”

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My role at Site 6

I am the Project Coordinator at Site 6 Events; assisting with the development and execution of corporate events and weddings, and working with clients on a variety of complex custom decor and rental projects.

Most rewarding event experience

Working the PPCLI 100th Anniversary Gala. Seeing so many veterans, military personnel and their supportive spouses in one place touched my heart and I was overwhelmed with appreciation for the dedication and sacrifices that are made for our freedom.

My event management style

My event management style combines calmness with high standards. I like to keep the atmosphere light with humor, but I have zero tolerance for slow or poorly executed work. I’m a type A perfectionist who will often go around tweaking things on site but I am always aware of how the people around me are feeling. I work to make sure everyone is on task and feeling supported. Stay calm, have fun and make it exceptional is my event management motto.

My design style

My design style is eclectic and creative. I like to think WAY outside the box – why do ordinary if you can do extraordinary? Everything is possible, it’s just a matter of finding the “how”. I’m also a big fan of colour and sparkle. Want bling? I’m your girl.

I get inspiration from…

Almost everywhere! My brain is constantly wondering “how can I translate that into an event element?” Architecture, arts and theatre productions, technology, music…beauty and creative inspiration are all around us.

3 fun facts about me

1. I’m a musician (flute player) and in university I was a composer and conductor.

2. I’ve written 2 novels and am working on a third, a sequel to “Queen of the Freaks”.

3. In 2007 I won gold at the Adult Nationals Figure Skating Competition and now I coach skating part-time. Maybe that’s why I’m a sparkle girl 😉

Angela in action


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