Fearless – The Social Event @ GoWest Conference 2019

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"Last night was amazing. In the past 5 years, I have attended two live experiences that I have thought were truly engaging and that all senses were stimulated and had strategic design layered throughout. One was two weeks ago at TSE (the Leadership Lunch) and last night, Fearless. I noticed everything from the food, to the signage, to the tech, to the engagement, to the bar service, the flow, the decor and that you also let the room breathe. Kudos to you and your entire collaborative team. " Ken Kristofferson - POP Kollaborative (attendee at GoWest Conference)

Do you dare? Be Fearless! 

Client: GoWest Conference

Event: The Social Event – View the event trailer here

Venue: Edmonton Convention Centre

Number of Guests: 250

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